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Sunday, October 18, 2015
[Sponsored Review] Hair modelled for KANSHA Hair Design- New hair colour and cut!

hazel pei ting
Hello sweethearts!
Today Imma be sharing with you sweets my new hair makeover
done at the lovely salon KANSHA Hair Design!image

I was invited to be their hair model and try out their hair services and it was
an opportunity that I jumped upon straight away without any doubts/ hesitation
as I have always longed and admired the glossy and picture perfect
kawaii hairstyles splashed all over Japanese fashion magazines.

Stay tuned to the end of this post for a 20% reader discount code
for KANSHA Hair Design's hair cut services!
KANSHA Hair Design japanese hair cut colour review
 imageKANSHA Hair Design's entrance interiorimage 
KANSHA Hair Design is conveniently located in central Singapore at
402 Orchard Road,Delfi Orchard#5-25, Singapore 238876.

KANSHA Hair Design is based on 3 principles. For giving joy, happiness and fun to their valued customers and staffs. The salon is a creative and homey space and they welcome all guests with Japanese “OMOTENASHI” hospitality!
KANSHA Hair Design japanese hair cut colour review
 You'll never be bored at KANSHA Hair Design with their tons
of updated magazines to keep you entertained and occupied~

KANSHA Hair Design japanese hair cut colour review
KANSHA Hair Design is helmed with Kohji Matsunaga, the CEO with 18 years of experience in the industry, and Asuka, the Senior Stylist who is able to transform any mane into a sophisticated and feminine cut.
KANSHA Hair Design japanese hair cut colour review
 imageAsuka took note of my hair woes and wishes and proceeded to concoct a light caramel brown shade from their Organic Hair Systems hair colour range that was gently applied evenly to my hair strands.

I also requested for a shoulder length cut as I was tired of dealing with the high maintenance of my long draggy locks. Asuka's deft and precise hands gave my newly cut shoulder length hair lots of volume within feathery layers, a talent that was highly admirable as I watched her snip off my limp hair ends. With every cut my mane felt lighter and bouncier
Organic Hair Systems hair colour review
Organic Hair Systems hair colour review
imageKANSHA Hair Design believes and uses the Organic Colour Systems range as it is the first-ever range of permanent colours made from the maximum amount of certified organic ingredients and the minimum amount of chemicals to colour hair as naturally as possible.  Its unique approach is gentle but effective and easily colours even resistant grey hair.  And because hair responds better to natural ingredients it looks naturally healthier and glossier with radiant, longer-lasting colour.

Most hair colour products use harsh chemicals like ammonia that damage hair in the colouring process, stripping hair’s natural health and shine.  Organic Colour Systems is different. Its kind to hair and it shows.  By using fewer chemicals and no ammonia, Organic Colour Systems maintains hair’s essential protein and moisture balance.  It doesn’t damage hair in the colouring process. Their unique colour and care system restores even damaged hair, giving it healthier body, suppleness and shine.

Versatile, with easy colour correction, Organic Colour Systems takes the limits off creativity imposed by inflexible, harsh chemical products.  It’s easy to create fiery reds, intense coppers, rich golds, auburn browns, frosty platinums and an incredible range of natural tones.  What’s more, with Organic Colour Systems colours are true to the colour chart and stay locked-in for longer.
KANSHA Hair Design japanese hair cut colour review
 Tadah~ Hair makeover complete!
imageBouncy, lively hair that's silky smooth to the touch!!!image
You can rest assured that your hair will definetly be in great hands
once you step into KANSHA Hair Design!
i'm deeply in love with the caramel brown shade
KANSHA Hair Design asuka review
With the super talented and amazinggggg hair 
maestro behind my makeover, Asuka!~~~
Thank you so SO so SO much for transforming my mane
into the cut and colour that I always dreamed of!!!

#hairdreams #forevergrateful
As promised, show my blog or quote my name "Hazel Pei Ting" to Kohji Matsunaga or Asuka at your hair appointment to get a 20% off hair cut services!

They are also having a promotion now till 11th December 2015, where you can enjoy 50% off your bill if you're a first time customer for hair colouring, digital perm or straightening!!!

Hurry make your appoinment now at KANSHA Hair Design to get fabulous hair for the year end activities~

To further emphasize why their salon is worth making an appointment for, KANSHA Hair Design is also featured in many magazines! Here's some of the snapshots of the magazine sections that the salon appears in:
KANSHA Hair Design japanese singapore magazine
 KANSHA Hair Design japanese singapore magazine
  KANSHA Hair Design japanese singapore magazine
KANSHA Hair Design japanese singapore magazine
 KANSHA Hair Design japanese singapore magazine
Convinced? Call +65 6733 0331 or +65 9711 9295
to book an appointment!!! You definetly won't regret this.
PhotobucketShow them some love by liking 
KANSHA Hair Design's Facebook page:
or visit their website:

What do you think of my 
KANSHA Hair Design hair makeover?


http://bit.ly/FSM-opening TO GET YOURSELF A FREE $100 GOODIE BAG!!! There's beauty talks hosted by Korean beauty experts and 70% off Korean products at this event too!^~^

Till the next,
Hazel Pei Ting

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